Senior economist appointed

Appointed to the post of senior economist with the Economics and Statistics Office is Adolphus Laidlow.

His appointment, according to a GIS press release, will be followed by a new director taking up her appointment and a senior statistician also being employed.

‘Having staff in the ESO’s top three positions is part of an overall thrust to improve the quality of statistical information complied and released by government,’ said Deputy Financial Secretary Peter Gough.

‘With Mr. Laidlow’s experience, we can do more comprehensive consumer price index surveys, balance of payments reports, and compile more extensive national statistics,’ he said.

He added that after the full complement of senior staff comes on board, ESO will begin planning the 2009 census.

Mr. Laidlow, who is from St Vincent and the Grenadines, has five years experience in that country’s finance ministry.

Among his duties were advising the prime minister and cabinet on macroeconomic policies, said the release.

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