Hedge Funds Care help Cayman’s children

Five local organizations will receive grants from Hedge Funds Care Cayman for initiatives against child abuse.

The grants total US$122,000. The funds were raised last November at the charity’s inaugural fundraising dinner and auction.

‘In December, we made a public plea to those organisations with a mandate to eradicate and treat child abuse in the Cayman Islands to submit proposals to the Committee outlining their current structures, and how they intended to use the funds,’ said Peter Cockhill, Chairman of the Grant Selection Committee, Hedge Funds Care Cayman.

‘We then arranged meetings with each of these organisations so that we could see their operations and discuss how the funds could be best utilised.’

The Committee members include New York-based Executive Director Doris Schwartz, who has an extensive background in social work and the workings of Hedge Funds Care, and San Francisco-based Dr. Bart Grossman of the University of California at Berkley, who was selected as a third party independent child welfare academic to assist in the selection process.

‘It was important to be able to have people with fresh eyes to look at the potential recipients and to be able to give objective opinions. This is an important cause and we wanted to make sure that we got it right,’ said Mr. Cockhill.

Glen Wigney, who initiated the idea of bringing Hedge Funds Care to the Cayman Islands, also sits on the Grant Selection Committee.

‘We have made it a stipulation as part of all the grants that the selected organisations must make it part of their mandates to increase cooperation amongst themselves. This should create more value to the projects and generate more long-term success to the individual programmes.’

Hedge Funds Care Cayman thanked the individuals who took part in the grant making process including Tim Ridley (Chairman of CIMA), Christopher Carpenter (Deloitte), Patrick Agemian (Citco), David Bree (dms Management Ltd), William Walmsley (Rawlinson & Hunter) and Mark Lewis (Walkers).

For more information on Hedge Funds Care visit www.hedgefundscare.org.

Grant recipients

Children and Youth Services Foundation – a grant of US$35,000 to assist young adults with vocational training.

• National Council of Voluntary Organisations – a grant of US$10,000 for the Nadine Andreas foster home.

• Crisis Centre – a grant of US $35,000 for the purpose of enabling the centre to hire a suitably qualified employee to focus on teaching awareness to young children as part of a structured outreach programme.

• Department of Children and Family Services – a grant of US $35,000 to assist in the funding of its programme on child abuse and neglect.

• National Gallery – a grant of US$7,317 to fund the creation of a child abuse quilt to be prepared by school children throughout the island.

Hedge Funds Care Cayman was established in 2005 as part of a now global operation developed in order to prevent child abuse and to treat the unfortunate victims of such abuse. There are now chapters of Hedge Funds Care in New York, Toronto, San Francisco, London, Atlanta, Chicago, Boston and Denver, in addition the Cayman Islands.

The 2006 Fundraising event is scheduled for 6 November at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman.

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