Boy named Cayman

Cayman Ashton Wiley has a very unique name. He is one of the few people named after his parents’ favourite destination – the Cayman Islands.

Born this past October to Mike and Toi Wiley of Temperance, Missouri, Cayman paid his first visit to the Cayman Islands on a family vacation last week when the cruise ship Navigator of the Seas stopped at Grand Cayman for the day, said a press release from the Department of Tourism.

‘We knew we wanted his name to be unique and to start with a ‘c’,’ said his mom Toi. ‘Since we both love the Cayman Islands and hope to retire there someday, we thought it would be a perfect namesake for our youngest son.’

Marine lovers that they are, the Wiley family hopes to instil a sense of appreciation for the ocean and sea life in their son Cayman.

‘They started young by decorating his nursery in a tropical theme with the ceilings painted a sky blue and the floor the unique and appealing colour of Cayman ocean water. A border of tropical fish surrounds Cayman as he sleeps. Now he only needs to learn how to swim.’

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