Grand Cayman speedway to open Monday

Cayman motorsports is about to take a huge step forward as a new Grand Cayman speedway is set to officially open this Monday. Located in Breakers, the facility is the long-time dream of businessman Robert Campbell.

‘This will be one of the best facilities in the region,’ said Campbell. ‘I want the sport to grow. We have the young talent here. We just have to grow it.’

Although there is still work to be done on the speedway, Campbell was motivated to fast-forward the opening date by the string of road fatalities that have plagued Grand Cayman in recent times. He says he was haunted every time he heard of another senseless death on Cayman roads. He hopes his effort will produce safer drivers overall and get car-mad speed freaks off the public roads and onto a track where they belong.

Campbell’s facility will run educational driver safety courses and organise a points competition for young people.

‘We have to get our youngsters into proper driver training courses,’ he said. ‘You don’t buy a football for a child and leave him to kick it in the house. No, you also buy him the proper boots and take him to a football field. It’s the same with driving. I want to see our youth develop good driving skills early on. As responsible citizens we have a duty to pass on the proper skills. ‘

The facility will have a 1/8th mile drag strip ready on Monday. In May a quarter-mile strip will be finished and in August a 1.2 mile road course will open, said Campbell. There also will be more than racing to do.

‘This is something for the whole community,’ said Campbell. ‘There is a family park, a lake, a dog walk and a nature trail. It’s something the island needs.’

Campbell has been working on this project since 1999.

Gates open Monday at 8am. The scheduled events will run from 1-6pm. Admission is $10.

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