Boat Captain taken to hospital

The Captain of a passenger boat was taken to hospital Thursday morning following an incident at the Sandbar area of the North Sound.

The Captain of the boat, Miss LC, was taken to hospital with exhaustion following the incident.

According to Sergeant Dewey Ebanks of the Customs and Marine Department of the RCIP, one female boat passenger, a tourist, got in trouble in a current and was carried off the sandbar. It is not known if the passenger was wearing a life vest.

The Captain, in offering assistance to the passenger, became exhausted.

He was taken to shore by another boat that had been at the sandbar and taken to hospital by ambulance.

The passenger who had gotten into trouble appeared to have been in good health following the incident.

The boat was taken into shore by one of the mates on board.

Thursday’s incident follows on from an accident the previous Friday when Kirk Sea Tour’s Sun Runner toppled on its side into the water near the sandbar. Fifty-five passengers and three crew members had been on board and the incident is now under investigation by authorities. No-one was seriously hurt.

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