Marriott art programme shows results for local artists

The Grand Cayman Marriott Resort art programme has shown positive results for its family of eight artists with three pieces sold since its launch, a press release said.

The art programme, named ‘VIVA Cayman,’ is aimed at raising the profile of local art while also providing a forum through which artists are able to sell their work.

The Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort together with the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands launched the new art programme in late 2005.

Eight of Cayman’s leading artists – Wray Banker, David Bridgeman, John Broad, Randy Chollette, Al Ebanks, Charles Long, Chris Mann and C.E Whitney – together supplied the 21 original artworks for the initial display to launch the programme.

Since its launch, three pieces have been sold to the Resort’s guests. The sold pieces include ‘Out Fishing’ by Charles Long, ‘Red Birch I’ and ‘Red Birch II’ by David Bridgeman.

Mr. Chris Sariego, Managing Director of the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort said the Marriott believes in using its resources to make a positive contribution to the Cayman Islands and towards the further development of its art.

‘We are delighted by the success of the programme with the three pieces being purchased by our guests,’ Mr. Sariego said. ‘Not only is VIVA Cayman proving to be a commercial success by producing sales for the artists, it is also providing exposure for Cayman art by sending pieces to all parts of the world.

‘Our guests are impressed by the level of work and a number of them express pleasure at having the ability to view Caymanian culture up close and on a personal level. Some of the guests have chosen to take a piece of Cayman through a purchase while others take back the memories.

‘Visual arts help define a country’s culture and traditions. The Marriott Resort is proud to play a role in providing a very prominent place for Caymanian art. It has always been our aim to include ‘all things Caymanian’ in our guest experience and VIVA Cayman is one of the ways we are accomplishing this goal.’


VIVA Cayman allows artists to permanently display their art work in the public areas of the Marriott which are then available for purchase by liaising with the Resort’s concierge. The Marriott Resort will be hosting exhibitions featuring a participating artist, as well as an artist’s lecture series.

The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands is the curator for the collection of art on display providing their professional support in the selection of the pieces and organisation of the programme to ensure top-quality work and fittingness for the Resort.

Artists interested in submitting their work for inclusion in VIVA Cayman may contact Carolyn Lawe Smith at Tower Marketing via email [email protected] or call 946-6000.

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