Take care of animals

Anyone who loves an animal and wants an animal should consider getting their pet from the Humane Society where there are wonderful varieties of dogs and cats to suit every personality interested.

We, however, need to educate the people of the importance of spay and neutering of their animals so that we will not have unwanted, neglected animals sadly running wild, scavenging for each meal, often with injuries or possible infections.

An animal should be a loved member of the family, not cruelly tied up to a tree all day.

A pet needs time, love and care from the owner and in return it will provide companionship and protection for the owner and his or her property.

Responsibility lies always with the owner. Do not allow your animal to run free and frighten or worse, bite, innocent people walking or bicycling by.

I have been bitten by a dog and will never be the same and my heart stops a beat every time a dog chases after my bicycle. This must stop!

Funds the Humane Society should be channelled into an island-wide programme that provides free spay and neuter service to dogs and cats even if they did not come from the society itself. They will indeed end up there as an unwanted animal if they continue to reproduce.

Since many islanders do not have a car, a car and carrier service should be part of the programme to effectively deal with the situation.

They could supply this service on an annual basis and do a lot of good for the human and animal community.

I have been coming to Grand Cayman since 1982 on vacation and I have seen great change. There are fewer stray dogs and packs of dogs roaming the beaches and streets. So already, there are those doing a great job. Please keep up the effort, education and understanding is always the answer.

Edelgard Weiss – Palm Springs, California, USA

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