Help where it’s needed

I had the pleasure of meeting a family member (extended) of a young boy being held at Eagle House. I believe that’s the place for young boys who break the law.

The family has done everything in their power to help this young boy keep on the straight and narrow so to speak. The influence from older boys on the street and peer group pressure is so strong in the community that good honest families are desperate for help with their growing children.

The sad part of this family member’s story, and the desperation was echoed in his voice, was that the family accepts that the boy should be locked up for help, away from the strong peer group pressure on the road until he gets the sense required for adulthood.

Thinking that being inside was good for getting help from the system at last was a mistake and now, apparently, the family is watching the continued decline in the attitude of the boy as he is able to access drugs within the walls of our institutions and the peer group pressure within has encouraged the boy to mutilate his body with homemade tattoos, which is the apparent culture behind the wall.

What can the family do when they are afraid to make any noise about the matter because of possible repercussions on the boy inside. All they can do is wait for his release and start the process of helping him again.

I say what on earth do the Cayman Islands people have to do to get justice where it’s deserved and help where it’s needed. Please people don’t keep your head in the sand – that’s for tourists to play in when visiting. Stand up and make a difference.

Dale Fogis

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