Cayman gets in the GAIM

GAIM Cayman 2006, a three-day conference and one of the industry’s most prestigious events of the year, begins on Monday, and with up to 400 delegates registered to attend, many of those from overseas, it looks like the conference is set for a resounding success.

Located at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, next week’s conference will be focusing on operational risk management for the global hedge fund community.

Industry leaders from around the world will be speaking and participating at what will be a major international conference.

Mark Lewis, partner with Walkers, a law firm that is one of the event partners of GAIM Cayman 2006, says, ‘Taking into account that this is the first time a GAIM conference has been held in Cayman, the response from international delegates and sponsors has been very encouraging.’

He continues, ‘The three local event sponsors, Deloitte, UBS and Walkers, began working with the GAIM conference organisers a number of years ago to ensure that Cayman would host an investment funds conference truly worthy of Cayman’s profile as the leading hedge funds jurisdiction in the world.’

Lewis also notes that many investment managers will be attending from all over the world.

He explains, ‘Some of these investment managers already make great use of the infrastructure Cayman has to offer, but many will be assessing Cayman and its service providers for the very first time. We will be doing all we can to affirm decisions already made, or being considered, that Cayman has exactly the right attitude in everything we do – particularly the right blend of regulation and industry expertise.’

Christopher Carpenter, Senior Manager, Marketing and Business Development with event partner, Deloitte, confirms, ‘Support for the GAIM Cayman conference has been extremely positive and this would support our view that Cayman, the offshore jurisdiction of choice for incorporation of hedge funds, warrants a leading international hedge fund conference. We are looking forward to three to four days of excellent business discussions and networking opportunities.’

Sean Flynn, Managing Director with the third event partner, UBS Fund Services (Cayman) Ltd, says that the high number of attendees scheduled to take part in the conference, especially the high number from overseas, makes for ‘a great start to what should be a conference that will continue to grow in numbers each year.’

GAIM Cayman also has the support of a host of other local sponsors, including law firm Campbells. Campbells partner, Ross McDonough, one of the speakers at the conference comments, ‘This is going to be a great event for the Cayman Islands and for the hedge fund industry as a whole. Not only does it turn the spotlight on critical operational issues for hedge funds at a time when they are becoming more and more complex but it also will allow many of those who do business through the Cayman Islands to actually come here, meet the people that they deal with, and get to see the beauty of the islands.’

The three day event, which actually kicks off this Sunday with a cocktail reception hosted by the Cayman Islands Government, will showcase the best of everything that Cayman has to offer.

Lewis concludes, ‘We fully anticipate that conference delegates will enjoy a great experience of being in the Cayman Islands; they will be able to enjoy the facilities at The Ritz Carlton, as well as the practical content of the conference itself, and this great experience will also be reflected in their overall exposure to Cayman as a safe and dependable vacation destination.’

GAIM events

GAIM Cayman has been launched by the team responsible for North America’s leading hedge fund events – GAIM USA and GAIM USA Fund of Funds, widely respected as the leading industry events for hedge funds, fund of funds and their investors. Over the past two years, GAIM has created a global meeting place for industry leaders from over 50 countries.

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