Esso claws way to first victory

Little Leaguers were well rested after their Easter break and ready for some exciting ball games. With every week that passes of the 13 week season it becomes increasingly clear that scores are unimportant and what is important is the behavior coaches display in front of impressionable children. Whilst it can be tempting for coaches to focus too much on game winning strategies and winning at all cost it is the example they set in terms of displaying ethical behavior within the spirit, not just the letter, of the rules that will have an impact on the children long after this week’s of this year’s results are forgotten.

In the Pony Division Carribean Publishing had a great game against Burger King. An awesome out by Laurean Cox at First Base and Mark Westin’s pop catch kept Caribbean Publishing busy and secured the win. In the Appleby Spurling Hunter against FirstCaribbean game excellent pitching by Jason Ritch helped Appleby’s take a 9-7 lead after two innings. Good batting also increased their lead to 12-8 after the top of the 3rd. FirstCaribbean with their backs to the wall responded with an outstanding display of batting. Conor O’Dea Jr. had a base hit and a home run to help FirstCaribbean to a 15 to 12 victory. Appleby’s beat FirstCaribbean in the last game before Easter so it seemed only fair that FirstCaribbean come out on top this time.

Esso recorded their first win of the regular season in a tight match against Conyers Dill & Pearman, who started off the game with hits from Daniel, Davar, DJ and Zack scoring five runs off great pitching from Jagger Hope from Esso. Esso came back to even the score at five all at the end of the first inning, setting the stage for things to come. The second inning saw similar scoring by both CD& P and Esso, as each team plated five more runs. With a ten all game at the top of the third and the action turning to machine pitching, Esso held CD & P to four runs with good defensive plays on hits from Alexis and Pierce. The Esso team was undaunted and came back to score five runs in the bottom of the third inning, on hits from Keanu McLean, Pablo Bertram, Krystal Arch and Alex Balls as well as heads up base running to secure the win for the home team.

In Tee Ball both teams batted well in the Butterfield against Red Sail Sports game. Butterfield scored 1 out in the First Inning and Butterfield responded with 5 outs in the second inning and three home runs. Red Sail responded with home run hits but it was not enough to come back. In the Digicel against CIBC game both teams played very well with Brandon Cridland hitting a home run for Digicel. After the First Inning the game was tied and Digicel took a 4 out lead going into the bottom of the 2nd even with great fielding by Everton Allen at 3rd base. CIBC took to their bats with great base hitting by Mathew and Elizabeth Westin and Justin Ebanks. A tense moment arose when Fiona Magil faced off against her brother who was the pitcher on the opposing team. Thankfully Fiona was not caught out avoiding any uncomfortable sibling discussions later at home. Eric Wilson came up to bat as second to last batter with the bases loaded. He crushed a home run bringing all runners and securing the win by one run. A great game with excellent sportsmanship displayed by both teams. Digicel won the relay which is what the players care about anyone. The Head Coaches of CIBC and Digicel changed shirts and coached the FirstCaribbean team in the Pony Division together shortly after the end of the game, demonstrating that it is all about coaching the kids.

There are four weeks left to the end of the season and team and individual photographs will be taken next week so players should make sure they turn up next week in full uniform.

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