Ritz-Carlton in limelight again

The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman and its developer Michael Ryan are given prominent coverage in two luxury magazines’ May editions.

The Robb Report features a page devoted to the hotel with the headline ‘Eight Years on Seven Mile’.

The article begins by focusing on all the delays that plagued the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman’s development, including red tape, appeasing local opposition, a labour dispute with the contractor and Hurricane Ivan.

It describes how Mr. Ryan helped neighbours who had lost their homes in the hurricane by re-building roofs and flying in food supplies to the island.

The article goes on to focus on all the attributes of the hotel.

The Robb Report is a magazine about luxury life, featuring products of the lifestyle, such as cars, watches and real estate. It is aimed at the sophisticated affluent person who wants to stay up on the latest trends including hotspots and automobiles. It has a paid U.S. circulation of 100,000.

Departures Magazine’s May/June edition also carries an extended blurb on Grand Cayman’s newest hotelier under the headline, ‘The Cayman’s Man’.

Describing how Mr. Ryan turned a 144-acre parcel into a serious resort stretching from beach to bay, it says, ‘It was a trump size move for a hotelier with no Q rating’.

The article describes Mr. Ryan as ‘deflecting too much credit with his just-folks charisma’.

Noting that building such a place did take genuine humility, it quotes Mr. Ryan as saying, ‘I promised the designer, Frank Nicholson, that I wouldn’t pick any color, furniture, or artwork . . . or make him hang some horrible painting I’d done’.

Departures Magazine is exclusively for Platinum Card and Centurion members from American Express. It covers travel, fashion, style, culture, recreation and dining for affluent and sophisticated tastes. It has a circulation of just over 680,000.

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