MLA calls for more patriotism

George Town MLA Alfonso Wright called for more patriotism by Caymanians, especially when it comes to flying the country’s flag.

Speaking during his contribution to the Throne Speech and Budget debate in the Legislative Assembly Friday, Mr. Wright said there is a lack of the display of the Caymanian flag in Cayman.

Mr. Wright said that often he attends sporting and other events and there is no Caymanian flag flying.

‘I take personal interest in events organised by Government, regardless of the occasion, where the national anthem or the national song is played and where you are called to repeat the words to those songs,’ he said. ‘I always look for a flag.’

Too often, the Caymanian flag is not there.

‘While I don’t think something like this needs to be legislated, we could have some procedural policies (calling for the flag to be flown a government events) that would be part and parcel of organising that event.’

Mr. Wright said it was important for the people of the Cayman Islands to be patriotic.

‘I want us to be proud and to be reminded at all times to show respect for the flag,’ he said.

Mr. Wright said the issue has been important to him for some time, possibly because of his involvement with the Lions Club, which presents the flag during its meetings.

‘Unless something is done about (the lack of the Caymanian flag at government events), you’ll hear from me over and over and over,’ he said. ‘It’s important to me and I’m not going to let it go.’

Mr. Wright also called on Caymanians to contact the backbenchers when they had any problems, rather than constantly calling the Cabinet Ministers every time they had an issue to discuss.

‘You don’t know how difficult it is for ministers to get anything done when they have to be constantly dealing with (calls from constituents),’ he said. ‘They’re extremely busy.’

Mr. Wright said the backbenchers could often deal with the issues, and if they could not, they could discuss them with the Cabinet members when they see them.

‘The backbench supporters are here to help and we want to help,’ he said, urging constituents to contact them.

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