Guilty plea in CNB robbery

Of the five men charged in connection with the robbery of the West Bay branch of Cayman National Bank on 10 March, one pleaded guilty in Grand Court last Wednesday.

Three others still have their charges before the Summary Court, while the fifth man remained at large as of 4pm on Friday.

Charged, but not yet apprehended, is Craig Damion Dilbert, 28, of a George Town address. Police released his name on 4 April.

The man who pleaded guilty is Eluno George Liking, 25, whose charges include robbery, firearms offences and causing grievous bodily harm to a security guard at the bank (Caymanian Compass, 31 March).

Liking appeared in Grand Court on the day of the opening of the new session. Senior Crown Counsel Adam Roberts asked that the courtroom be cleared before the defendant was brought from custody.

Defence Attorney Marlene Smith agreed with the application, saying it was in the interest of ensuring everyone’s safety.

Mr. Justice Alex Henderson agreed to make the order for that day, but thought the order should be reviewed on every occasion Liking came to court.

The judge then asked everyone who was not an officer of the court to leave. Some 15 or 20 spectators did so quietly, along with the Compass reporter.

On Thursday, the three other defendants in custody appeared in Summary Court. They are Bjorn Connery Ebanks, 22; Damion Omar Ming, 24; and Royce Leon Cornwall, 25.

Crown Counsel Andre Mon Desir advised Magistrate Nova Hall that Dilbert was still at large.

Defence Attorneys John Furniss, Nicholas Dixey and Ben Tonner confirmed that their clients had requested a long-form preliminary inquiry, meaning that witnesses will be asked to give their evidence in person rather than the Crown just handing up written statements.

The inquiry was scheduled to take more than one day, and the attorneys discussed what dates would fit their various schedules.

The inquiry is a necessary step before matters can go to Grand Court. Robbery is a charge that can be dealt with only in the higher court.

As previously reported, the robbery occurred on a Friday, around the lunch hour, at the CNB branch in Centennial Towers. Stolen was cash to the value of US$6,756.

Also as previously reported, Liking and Ming are charged in connection with the robbery at Foster’s Republix in West Bay on Saturday night, 4 March, when a cash register computer was taken.

Charged with them is Damean Dwayne Seymour, 23. He is represented by Attorney James Austin-Smith.

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