Nurses vital to community’s well being

International Nurses Week 7-13 May

Every day, hundreds of nurses throughout the Cayman Islands positively impact the lives of our Islands’ residents.

Mr. Eden

Mr. Eden

Whether by assisting in the operating theatres, immunising our children, giving expert health counsel in the clinics or simply holding a hand, our nurses help improve the lives of our families.

They are vital to the community’s overall wellbeing.

The valuable contribution of nurses to society is celebrated globally with International Nurses Week, held each year in May.

As part of this observance, Cayman applauds its nurses, thanking them for their invaluable role in health care and health promotion. And as Minister of Health, I express my sincere appreciation for our nurses’ sterling work.

Indeed, we are blessed to have nurses with exemplary skills, knowledge and integrity on our shores. This cannot be underestimated, considering the global crisis in healthcare staffing. Because of this crisis, the International Council of Nurses has chosen Safe Staffing Saves Lives as its theme for this year’s Nurses Week.

Undeniably, insufficient levels of nursing staff jeopardize the quality of patient care, as well as the nurses’ own health and safety.

However, despite the global nursing-shortage crisis, Cayman has maintained an internationally accepted nurse-patient ratio so that the delivery of quality patient care is uncompromised.

But safe staffing goes beyond numbers. It also takes into account nurses’ education, experience and expertise.

In this regard, the Cayman Islands ranks highly among the world’s leading countries, with its safe-staffing standards established by an independent body – the Health Practice Commission.

The commission upholds the Health Practice Law and Regulations, which prescribes the detailed and sophisticated regulation of health professionals, and the institutions in which health services are provided.

However, no matter how advanced the technology or facility, nurses will always be indispensable to the multidisciplinary team approach to health care.

Despite the global challenges of providing health care today, nurses in these Islands – many of whom have come from different parts of the world – are dedicated to providing quality health services. I encourage them to continue delivering excellent service that the people of Cayman need, and deserve.

I also encourage you, the residents of our Islands, to understand the difficulties and sacrifices nurses make every day. Truthfully, what would we do without them?

Let’s appreciate our nurses for their compassion, as well as their willingness and ability to serve.

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