Mr. Deegan a hero

‘Mayday, mayday, mayday…on channel 16’ broke through the midday calm.

I was resting between two dives with Dive ‘n’ Stuff on the Friday of the North Sound boat incident.

Divemaster Paul Deegan jumped to the helm and we were off. Within five minutes we were at the site of the overturned catamaran. Some people were in the water; others clung to the boat as it rested in 8-10 feet of water.

‘Is anyone under the boat? Are you sure?’ After making sure that all were accounted for, Mr. Deegan manoeuvred his 23-foot roundabout into position to rescue the eight passengers who were still holding on to the catamaran.

All were covered in diesel fuel and most were shaking with fear.

We pulled them into Paul’s boat. Mr. Deegan and fellow diver Jack Augsbury calmed our new passengers and we began a slow trip to the Cayman Yacht Club.

Mr. Deegan acted with dignity and calm throughout the ordeal. We were fortunate to have him at the helm.

DR Bryan

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