Police put spotlight on domestic violence

The RCIP Family Support Unit is continuing to reach out into the community to raise awareness of domestic violence and the resources available to those affected by it.

Inspector Angelique Howell recently gave a lecture at the Taijutsu Self Defence Programme – a 10-week course run by the Yoshin Dojo Cayman Branch at Kings Sports Centre.

The course is based on the ancient Japanese systems of jujitsu and concentrates on reality-based scenarios, said an RCIP press release.

Inspector Howell’s lecture explained the various types of domestic violence and the support that is available. She also addressed what to do if a friend or family member is suffering.

Black belt instructor and operator of the course, Ricardo Tatum said: ‘The programme was very well received in the community and sold out extremely quickly. The skill level acquired by the participants was truly amazing to see after only 10 weeks of training.

‘The purpose of the training is to provide the public with access to top-level martial arts training for self defence purposes. This type of training is completely non-aggressive and very much defensive in nature, providing many options to self protection and situation control. This differs greatly from some other forms of martial arts which promote aggressive reactions to violence which often only lead to more violence,’ he said.

‘Inspector Howell did an excellent job in presenting material that the entire community needs to be aware of. I would strongly recommend that as many community organizations as possible take advantage of this service.’


Any community group interested in speaking with the Family Support Unit about possible lectures on topics such as domestic violence, parenting or child protection should contact the Unit on 946-9185.

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