Preserve our national treasure

Over the years I have followed the dolphin debate with great interest.

Certainly there are pro’s and cons on both sides.

In all of the heated debate, I have noted two things seemingly omitted throughout.

One is, and correct me if I am wrong, but in all of my life-long association with the Cayman Islands, it seems obvious that this is not a natural environment for dolphins to live in. If it were so, then why do they appear so infrequently in our waters?

Secondly, while God has in his great kindness blessed the people of these islands with so much in such a relatively short time, the question is not if we will allow this, but rather should we allow this.

The morality of captive dolphins aside, what impact will these creatures have on one of the few natural resources that these Islands possess… dare I say the major draw for our stay-over tourists, and the legacy of our children. At a time when we should be developing programs to protect our reefs and dive-sites for future generations, we are instead divided on what really is the protection of a precious national treasure.

Vaughn Crofts

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