Of church and crime

I read two articles with great interest, one written by Ms Amanda Wright ‘Whose Sabbath is the right Sabbath’ and the other by Mr Quincy Brown ‘The Pope and his Authority over the Catholic Church’ in which Quincy clearly and correctly indicated that the Pope is the head of the Catholic Church.

However, I also managed to catch a glimpse of an article that was written about a play enacted by the Catholic School kids that got rave reviews and was termed as an outstanding event. This play as I recall, if my memory serves correctly, was based on a criminal element during the 1960s highlighting either Buggsy Malone or Al Capone and reflects in my opinion that the church condones such activity.

What disturbs me most with both articles written by the authors mentioned above is that with the wide range of Christian knowledge displayed by both individuals who wrote these articles, is that it seemed that they have neglected is the fact that the play in which the Catholic School got such great reviews and was also termed as an outstanding event, is actually glorifying the criminal activity of Buggys Malone or Al Capone who were major crime bosses in the 1960s before they expanded their operations south from their main head quarters up north New York.

I would only like to suggest to Mr. Brown and Ms Wright to view the film The Godfather to get a better understanding of what I’m referring to and perhaps get a better understanding of what and how the Catholic Church is condoning by associating themselves with known criminal activity or so called Christians.

Tyrone Douglas

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