Immigration changes appreciated

I am writing a long overdue letter of praise.

I am presently living in Canada, but I lived and worked in Cayman for 10 years. And over those years, I watched many things change. Being a Canadian, I am fortunate to be culturally patient, but I must admit that a trip to the Immigration Department was a task that tested me to the limits.

I would invariably take the morning off work and bring a book and wait my turn. And, once all was finally attended, would need some time to recover.

I knew many people that worked in Immigration, and I can only imagine how taxed they felt trying to do their jobs.

I was recently back in Cayman and had to make the dreaded trip. I saved it until the last day and to my delight, I walked in, was greeted cordially at the door, assigned a number, and no sooner had I flipped open my book, than my number was called and I was helped, most politely and efficiently. In delightful shock, I walked out of the Department some 10 minutes later, tasks completed and with a smile on my face. I walked across the street to the Glass House to tend to the next matter and again was met with a smiling face and a helpful hand. I was sharing my pleasant immigration experience with the woman at the front desk, when a lady next to me overheard my conversation and gave me your email address so that I could send a complimentary letter.

And so here I am (dreadfully late, but no less complimentary) noting my praise and gratitude. Cayman has been my home since 1995, and although I am living up here at the moment, my heart remains on our little island.

I give my thanks and compliments to all who are working at the Immigration Department. May you keep up the good work. It is appreciated.

Kelly Fisher-Wells

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