PO seeks founders

The Cayman Islands Post Office is asking for the public’s help in the issuing of a new series of stamps called The Founders as a working title.

Assistant Postmaster General, Marketing and New Product Development, Tara Bush explained the importance of stamps and this new series.

‘Stamps are not only a type of currency; they can be miniature capsules of the country’s culture and history. We are looking for entrepreneurs, innovators, trailblazers who relished the challenges and were instrumental in shaping the Cayman Islands,’ she said in a press release.

The Founders will be a special series of stamps, with five to six stamps issued every two to three years. The Founders will salute some of the people from the Islands’ past whose achievements have gone largely unheralded by the rest of the world – yet to many Caymanians and long-time residents they are legendary for their influence on the Islands’ history and development.

The criterion set by the Stamp Advisory Committee is that the person selected should have been deceased for at least 10 years. The categories are maritime, architecture, science, environment, health care, politics, sports, arts, and performance.

The public is asked to send names and a brief explanation about each name submitted to Stamp Advisory Committee Secretary Nelva Ebanks at the General Post Office or email [email protected], by 8 June.

Who would you like to see on a stamp?

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