Help Caymanians help selves

Excuse me, but why is the land on West Bay Road and certain parts of George Town not duty free for Caymanian’s?

Is it too good? What is so special about those parcels of lands?

It seems that allowances are for the people who cannot get the loans, and who are single families, but what about people who do not have a family and who cannot afford to get a loan because their incomes are not up to bank standards?

These people will eventually require government aid later in life when they are too old to work.

If you are going to help the ones who have families, then you should be willing to help those who are willing to help themselves to get jobs, but are not able to meet the standard.

Is this government going to become like the UK government, where they give housing to those who go out there and get pregnant with two to 11 teen kids just to be able to get into a government home?

Come on, there are hard working Caymanians out there who do not have homes, not because they are lazy and do not work, but because their income level cannot sustain a reasonable living and a mortgage at the same time.

Why not introduce a government loan scheme where they loan money to Caymanians based on their income, and adjust the paybacks based on that same principle?

A lot more Caymanians would be able to afford a decent home and the rental cost would go down.

Like the saying goes…feed a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he needs never go hungry.

I’m sure that there are enough banks in the Cayman Islands that would be willing to work along with the Government and the Chamber of Commerce to see something like that happen. If you only take care of those who are in problems already, that means that you are not taking care of the problem, because it is still there…you need to address the root cause of the problem in order to prevent it from happening.

I’m sure the people of Cayman are not looking for hand outs, however, I do not think that they would be opposed to a hand up. Help Caymanians to help themselves!

Maurice Snell

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