What happened to school rules?

If the children are our future and a child is expected to act, learn and responds to their surroundings by following examples taught by parents and teachers, then both parents and teachers should be compelled to lead by example.

Recently my family and I visited one of the Sister Islands to accompany our daughter on a government primary school trip geared at enhancing cultural enlightenment, during which I could not help but notice the variety of out of controlled behaviour, clothing attire and patterns of hair styles (hair grooming) that was displayed.

The kids were fighting and out of control, not dressed in proper school uniforms; they were dressed in their physical education out fit, both teacher(s) and student(s) hair styles were platted in dread locks and not properly combed or groomed etc.

While I have nothing against any nationality or religion, I could not help but categorize this as an untamed bunch representing the government schooling system. Fortunately in this particular situation, the trip was to one of the three islands and not overseas where the media could have chosen to draw a dim view of our school students.

As a kid who went through the government schooling system that compelled students and teachers to follow a strict dress code and hair grooming requirements, I could not help but to reflect on the obligation both were then were held to.

For example, one’s hair had to be properly combed and neatly groomed, your clothes properly pressed and properly affixed to your body and you had to be behave properly or face the consequences of being strapped.

It seems to me that today the dress code, hair grooming and behaviour obligations for both teacher and students have fallen away and no longer apply in the government schools.

Therefore, one has to ask the most logical and fundamental question when considering the purpose of School Inspectors Report, why has school kids’ behaviour, dress code and hair grooming requirements for both teachers and students changed? Have these changes disrupted the level of civil order and obedience in our schools?

Perhaps the Minister of Education can inform the public with answers to these small number of concerns and advise what is his intentions are to correct these growing out of control issue(s).

After all, we recently had a written School Inspectors Report that was sent home for parents to view, which did not include any information about the most fundamental basic aspect of all, which is the visual presentation of both our students and teachers and the growing out of control behaviour.

Therefore, as a parent I believe this is setting a very damaging and an awful perception in the minds of our youth and call on the Minister of Education to publicly advise how he intends to deal with these issues.

Tyrone Douglas

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