Nursing conference to return

Saturday saw the close of the first Cayman Islands Nursing Conference, celebrated with a banquet in the Red Parrot restaurant at the Marriott.

Minister of Health Anthony Eden gave a closing speech thanking those who were involved. ‘I take great pleasure in once again commending all persons involved in organising the first nursing conference in the Cayman Islands,’ he said.

‘I strongly believe that the foundation of any society must be the good health and well-being of the population and to achieve this goal healthcare must be a national priority. We must see the provision of good health services as an engine of economic development.’

The overriding message of the Minister’s speech was placing precedence on partnerships in the community. ‘There are many challenges that confront us and I will admit that fixing healthcare will not be realised in any one single action but with a multitude of strategies, which must involve partnerships at every level of the society.’

However, added the Minister, the trust of the public is also necessary. ‘People want to get basic services when they need it – without having to wait an unreasonable time to get it. People need to know that they can access the healthcare services when they need it without consideration of their nationality, race, colour or creed.’

The Minister closed with a statement summarising the importance of these partnerships. ‘We can only make the changes required by working together as stakeholders and partners.’

In addition to the Minister’s address, the banquet saw the presentation of gifts to retiree Bridget Glasgow-Scott and visiting speakers from overseas.

The conference was an undeniable success, which the Minister lauded. ‘We promise you we’re going to do it all again next year,’ he stated. ‘Based on the feedback I’ve received, I am convinced that there will be lasting benefits from the past two days of deliberations and information sharing.’

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