New manager at West Bay PO

Nona Anglin-Webster loves her new position as the new district manager for West Bay Post Office.

She loves the fact that it is only three miles from home, so the traffic is not an issue, and she knows most of her customers because she grew up in West Bay. These are bonuses, in her opinion.

Ms Anglin-Webster joined the Cayman Islands Post Office in November 1995 and credits her steady rise up the ranks to her stellar training at the General Post Office in George Town.

After just two years Ms Anglin-Webster was transferred to the Airport Post Office where she helped to set up the box rental system. Then in 2000 she received another promotion and transfer to Seven Mile Beach as Senior Postal Officer.

‘My training in George Town laid the foundation for the position I am in today because I got to work in every department, and all the supervisors wanted to make sure you knew what you were doing,’ Ms Anglin-Webster said.

Ms Anglin-Webster said she enjoys all aspect of her job even though working and living in her district poses some unusual challenges.

‘I love dealing with my customers, sorting the mail and placing it their boxes and all the administrative work. But there are times that the customers want me to do things that are against regulations – like when they call the West Bay Post Office and ask me to check to see if they have mail. I can’t do this. I also can’t look over all 812 post box numbers to check that every envelope has the right number. If a box number is not included I can’t look to see if that person has a box or what that box number should be. I wouldn’t get very much done if I had to do this,’ she said.

Ms Anglin-Webster encourages postal customers to ensure that everyone knows their correct PO Box number.

Postmaster General Sheena Glasgow said West Bay residents are in good hands.

‘Nona takes to West Bay a wealth of experience and knowledge of postal operations,’ Ms Glasgow said.

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