Letter tragic

The letter from Amanda Wright (re the Sabbath) was both tragic and comical.

Ms Wright quotes Ellen G. White, whom she clearly believes was a prophetess, as authority for her views. Does she not know that what Mrs. White proffered in her books as divinely inspired was often plagiarized from the work of others e.g. ‘History of the Waldenses’ By Rev. J.A. Wylie and the Book of Jasher. Is she not aware that Mrs. White gave many prophecies (among them that many people at a Conference in 1856 would be alive to be translated at the second coming of Christ) that have been proved false? Has no one told her that Mrs. White taught ideas which are not only proven by science to be impossible but are also morally repugnant (e.g. that certain races of men are an amalgamation between man and beast). It may help Ms Wright and other SDAs who wish to know the truth to visit www.ellenwhite.org.

Michael Gould

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