Fire Service short-staffed

The Cayman Islands Fire Service is short 10 staff members, Acting Chief Fire Officer Roy Grant told the Finance Committee last week.

The Fire Service is approved for 158 staff members and there are only 148 currently working.

‘Not all of [the ten staff members not working] are fire fighters,’ Mr. Grant said. ‘Some are other staff members.’

The ten staff members not working consist of seven job vacancies and three suspended staff members.

When questioned about the suspended staff members, Mr. Grant said two of them had been suspended for more than a year.

‘One is on no pay and one is on half pay,’ he said.

Two of the suspension cases are now with the Courts, Mr. Grant said.

‘We can’t do anything until those proceedings are completed,’ he said.

When asked about the long duration of the suspensions, Chief Secretary George McCarthy agreed that the situation needed to be looked into.

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