Acts of kindness

My wife and I just returned from a two-week vacation on your wonderful Island.

Our first week was spent at Sunset House with 87 divers from all over the United States.

We all came with the PADI Diving Society’s 2006 Total Submersion Dive Festival.

Our second week we spent on our own at the Coral Sands.

We have travelled all over the world pursuing our passion for scuba diving, but have never experienced such warm and welcoming greetings from everyone we came in contact with.

Your instant greeting and smiles made us feel welcome the minute we stepped off the plane.

To add even more to our experience, we had a wonderful breakfast at Corita’s Copper Kettle.

When we asked for the bill, we were told that a gentleman had paid for it, and left us a note.

The note stated, in part “Thank you, please accept this breakfast as a token of our appreciation for your choice of the Caymans, Sincerely a Native.”

You have a beautiful Island with fantastic scuba diving. But much more than the sites you have to offer, YOU, the people are the Cayman’s greatest treasure. You have won us over forever and we will tell everyone of our great Cayman experience.

Thank you!

Bob and Deb Zimmerman – Wadsworth, Ohio USA

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