Police chase for a reason

Much has been said concerning police and chasing, but the question still remains as to why?

Those of us who only look at one side of the coin and accuse the police without knowing the facts are not being fair.

Ninety-five per cent of the time when police chase a moving vehicle it is for a good reason.

Although while this is taking place we don’t know why, but will only look out of one eye and see the police in pursuit but not for a second will we use the other eye and focus on what the getaway car or bike is doing.

That person I would say has absolutely no regard for other vehicles on the road and pedestrians.

The police have to be aware of their surroundings when in pursuit of a dangerous driver.

I sincerely believe that the police are trained and constantly briefed before going out on day or night work.

Still there are many of us who do not want to support law and order.

When it is checked out we will find that persons who constantly and quickly attack the police are doing so because one of two things has happened. That is either they themselves have broken the law and had to be taken to court or ticketed or some family member has had some fall out with the police.

I myself have gotten a ticket from the police before and had to pay for it.

I was not pleased at the time, but I was wrong and I had to pay for it.

Should I hate the police for the rest of my life because I got a ticket? No.

I stopped speeding and laughed at my mistake. So I say think about it, if we did not have such a vigilant police force to serve and protect what would happen to peace and tranquillity.

Do not support your children and family members in wrong doing.

If you broke the law and know it was your fault try not to do the same thing again and laugh about.

If this happens we would be in pursuit of justice. So I say support our police and stop encouraging our children and family members into wrong doing.

Don’t forget to travel and see what happens in other countries involving police. Only then will we be able to appreciate the Cayman Island’s as the most peaceful place on earth and our police are No. 1.

Twyla Vargas

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