International post code for Cayman

The Cayman Islands will get an international post code, Minister of Communications, Works and Infrastructure Arden McLean told the Finance Committee last week.

‘Cabinet has given the okay to have it implemented in Cayman,’ he said in response to a question about a budget allocation from Opposition MLA Cline Glidden.

Postmaster General Sheena Glasgow said the application was now with the Universal Postal Union in Bern, Switzerland.

Ms Glasgow said funds were included in the budget to go ahead with a public awareness and marketing campaign about the new post code.

It will take the public a couple of years to get accustomed to using the post code, Ms Glasgow said.

Speaking about other postal matters, Mr. McLean said there were a number of surprises in store for the country with regard to the postal service.

Among the things being considered is an Internet café at the West Bay Post Office, bill paying services and possibly even vehicle licensing services.

Ms Glasgow said she had no problems trying to implement such services as vehicle licensing because she wanted the postal service to increase its value to the community. However, she said she does not want to implement such services using a manual system.

‘Point-of-sale computers at the counters at the post offices would be the ideal system,’ she said.

‘I think it would be a step backward to try to [implement the new services] with a manual system.’

On another point, Bodden Town MLA Osbourne Bodden asked Mr. McLean about whether a postal kiosk could be arranged in Breakers. He explained that long-time Breakers resident Nell Connor used to handle mail duties as a postal agent for the community, but that she no longer does.

Mr. McLean said he was not sure a kiosk was the way to go, noting that residents in the Gun Bay community in his district prefer visiting the homes of postal agents to going to a post office.

‘Gun Bay doesn’t want a post office, I can tell you that,’ he said, noting that residents enjoy the personal interaction with the postal agent.

Mr. McLean expressed confidence that Ms Glasgow could find someone in Breakers to act as a postal agent.

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