CAL salaries a focus of audit

Minister for Tourism Charles Clifford has asked Lufthansa Consulting to look at the salaries for frontline staff of Cayman Airways in doing its audit, in an effort to offer more attractive packages to them.

Mr. Clifford was speaking at Thursday afternoons’ Finance Committee.

Lufthansa Consulting is currently doing an efficiency audit on Cayman Airways.

Mr. Clifford said he has asked the consultancy group to look at salaries for customer service agents and flight attendants because currently extra money is being spent on re-training new recruits when staff members leave.

He would rather this extra money was re-directed into creating more attractive packages for the frontline staff, he said.

North Side MLA Edna Moyle asked why Cayman Airways cannot get Caymanians to work at its check-in counters in destinations such as Miami.

Mrs. Moyle said she likes to see a friendly local face at the counter. ‘Most airlines tend to have their own people at this first point when travelling to their country,’ she said.

CEO and President of CAL Mike Adam said the airline aggressively seeks Caymanians in any location, including the US. One of the ways it seeks to recruit Caymanians is through students who are attending universities in the relevant place overseas.

Although he had no available numbers with him of the number of Caymanians they employ, Mr. Adam said the campaign of recruiting Caymanians is the company’s desire, and they certainly get first priority. ‘I fully support this and will continue to do so,’ he said.

Asked why Caymanians leave the company Mr. Adam said the reasons differ. ‘Even here at home we have a fair amount of turnover,’ he said.

Mr. Adam pointed out that like any other company’s employees, they can get distracted to go elsewhere. He wished he could control this phenomenon, but could not, he said.

Flight attendants that have been there a number of years move on once they are attracted by a new position and more money, he said.

On a recent recruitment drive the airline only managed to attract just less than 50 per cent Caymanians.

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