Cheating drivers will continue

A few simple things to help West Bay traffic:

It’s great that the bypass extension will open this year from Indies Suites but those of us who live in West Bay still have to get there.

Anyone who follows the rules at the West Bay four-way stop knows that many cars cheat by going through the Centennial Towers parking lot and go down Mary Mollie Hyde road and come out of the Heritage Square parking lot.

This morning whilst I sat obeying the law at the four way I counted 22 cars eight of which were local buses going through the Centennial Towers parking lot and cutting back into the traffic.

Of course if no one let them out this would halt, but we all know that’s not going to happen. A simple solution to help the traffic flow better is just put up a couple of barricades, one at the exit back onto West Bay road at Centennial Towers and one just past the old Coritas on Mary Mollie Hyde Rd (they used to put a police car there).

These simple and inexpensive steps will certainly help the traffic flow and alleviate some of the frustration we legal drivers have.

Just another observation, the new yellow barricades at Governor’s Harbour entrance are nice but unfortunately cars are just going across the grass and going behind them.

Placement of these in a different location would have been more effective. As we all know if you give the cheaters any way to circumvent the law they will.

Bruce Clark

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