Brac receives beautification funds

Funds were recently presented to the Sister Islands’ District Beautification Committee to finance beautification projects on Cayman Brac.

Brac recieves recovery fund

Sister Islands District Beautification Committee member Liz Walton, right, accepts a cheque for CI$10,000 from Tourism Minister Charles Clifford. Also on hand for the presentation were Grand Cayman Beautification Committee Chairperson Heather Bodden and Treasurer Jovani Hessing, left.
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Liz Walton, a member of the Sister Islands’ District Beautification group, accepted a CI$10,000 cheque from Tourism Minister Charles Clifford, said a GIS press release. Attending the presentation were Chairperson of the Grand Cayman Beautification Committee, Heather Bodden, and the Committee’s Treasurer Jovani Hessing.

The main Cayman Brac projects are the beautification of the Bluff Lighthouse area; the ‘Panama Canal’ launching ramp and community park; the Spot Bay Community Park; and the Stake Bay roadside Bluff. Other projects, including some on Little Cayman, will be undertaken in the future.

Presenting an overview of current efforts of the central Grand Cayman Beautification Committee, Ms Bodden said, ‘This is a very active core group of about a dozen volunteers, and we are making significant progress in our quest to see the Cayman Islands clean and beautified.’

She added that the Committee is working in tandem with other groups and individuals throughout the Cayman Islands.

Some areas of current beautification focus include the Bodden Town Monument, the Post Office traffic island, the placement of hanging baskets and plants in the capital, and planting trees in areas identified by the committee. The Committee also intends to complete the beachside beautification and re-planting of the Boggy Sand Road in West Bay, which is an area of historic interest.

Another major initiative is to support the work of the Garden Club, which, as part of its 50th anniversary next year, is undertaking several projects – one of which is the upgrade of the Seaman’s Association Building, where a ‘mini-woodland,’ complete with a picnic grove and an area for birds, is being developed. The Grand Cayman Beautification Committee is also working alongside the North Side Beautification Committee on several ongoing initiatives.

Ms Bodden is appealing to the public for more volunteers from every district of the Cayman Islands.


For further information on current projects, and on how to get involved, contact Ms Bodden at 916-3574, or any Committee member. They are: Heather Bodden, Chairperson; Alice Mae Coe, Deputy Chair; Nancy Bernard, Secretary; Jovani Hessing, Treasurer; Pat Ulett, Ministry Representative; Joey Ebanks; Ella Kay Lockwood; Cecile Panton; Sandy Urquart; Joan Steer; Angella Graham; Neals Godfrey; and volunteers Melanie Ebanks-Jackson and James Myles.

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