Stamp duty bad idea

In reference to the 19 May Caymanian Compass article, McLean defends stamp duty move, I am saddened by the negative impact this extra tax will create in our society.

I think it is just unfair and ridiculous to try to spin it any other way.

It is just plain wrong. The real spin is more tax on an already heavy burden.

Salaries are not keeping up with these kinds of increases, and add that to the current unemployment and inflation and you have the prefect Government mix for a deeper economic chaos on our citizens.

I am a Caymanian and I do not support this on expats that contribute so much to our daily lives.

Stop creating divisiveness with excuses of this kind.

Respect our people and the people that come to trust their money and investments in our Country.

Let’s keep them happy; it is good business and it is right! Just assume for one moment that they all leave!!! Where would we go? Be real, and stop the higher tax, oops…..duty!!!

Spin masters will ruin a lot on our shores. Please do not make it effective and listen to the CIREBA; they know the market and it only will bring higher taxation on an industry that needs to be at the forefront on this island.

Just because someone can afford a bigger tax, it does not make it right. I voted for you and this is a big let down.

Charlie Banks Elde