One road at a time

The UDP Government in nearly four years did very little road improvement compared to the large amount of new roads and improvements of the 1996 to 2000 Government.

The PPM Government and Minister Arden McLean must try to finish one road before digging up another.

The road from the Harquail Bypass and North Sound roundabout to the Bobby Thompson traffic lights has been unfinished for many months.

Why must the public wear down their vehicle suspension and tires on these unfinished roads?

And to add to this dissatisfaction it seems that further damage is being done by some of the unnecessary speed bumps which are being built on roads.

Please attend to what is important and necessary at this time.

Many roads are now in a state of disrepair and will get worse as the rainy season begins.

Certainly it cannot be for the lack of funds, as we were told a few months ago that he, the Minister of roads, had been given millions of dollars from the Education vote to build roads. This we consider a shame when our schools and education in general must take second place.

When will the Minister and Government finish what they have started and begin the other road repairs and recapping?

John Mclean – Truman Bodden

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