Meth sentence too harsh

In regard to the 15 May, 2006, article Visitor sentenced for methadone in the Caymanian Compass; this charge was in poor taste.

This man meant well despite his poor choice of detox strategies. Four tablets of methadone are not enough to detox anyone from an opiate addiction and a hotel room on Grand Cayman is not a suitable place to detox someone with this concern. I suspect he had other medications such as cloindine which is used to detox opiate addicts.

I have worked in the drug treatment field for years and have personally detoxed several people off the record due to special circumstances and to do so require considering fully the many issues that the dependent person has in their profile. A simple reprimand from the court would have been enough to suffice.

The cost to incarcerate someone under these circumstances is tantamount to wasting public funds and making any justice system look foolish. I hope my opinions provide some food for thought on the matter for future reference.

The global substance problem is out of control.

All the legal systems have failed to address the matter and only have created persons with criminal profiles, thus creating and adding more problems to society and the individuals dependent. We need more treatment facilities in every locality and need to decriminalize these drugs so to get the best use of public money to solve the problem in the most satisfactory manner.

I can’t for the life of me understand why this man chose to detox this person with no training and in an unfamiliar setting with no support at hand.

No doubt the woman still is dependent and this one incident has disrupted God only knows who. One thing in counselling we all are aware of are the many problems addicts possess and one of the most observable is behavioural ones in the area of good choice making.

Part of that is the willingness to be combative as evidenced in this situation. I suspect this woman played a heavy role in her being assaulted. This is not to remove the responsibility of the person who assaulted, but to underscore that addicts have this notorious habit of provoking assault or disruptive behaviour on the part of others.

I no longer work in the treatment field as it took its toll on me and just decided I could no longer handle all the emotional stress working with population takes.

Hope my thoughts have some positive impact on the justice system on Grand Cayman. I don’t have all the answers but I know what doesn’t work.

John Mosso

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