The benefits of body wraps

Sea of Tranquility is the name of the seaweed body wrap treatment at the Silver Rain spa in the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman.

It certainly is a tranquil experience, while also benefiting many aspects of your health in addition to your state of mind.

The use of seaweed, or in fact any other natural substance such as mud or clay, means that all of the natural trace elements and minerals in the seaweed will be transferred to your skin.

The treatment begins with an exfoliation process. This is necessary because it sloughs off dead skin cells, allowing for your pores to open so that they can receive the nutrients of the seaweed once it is applied.

Also, exfoliation improves your circulation, which encourages the detoxification process.

‘The membrane of the skin releases toxins and takes in the nutrients,’ explains massage therapist Robert McCluskey. ‘It isn’t necessary for a body wrap treatment to include the exfoliation process, but this one does because of the added benefits it gives.’

Simultaneously, your skin is being retexturised. ‘The exfoliator is actually a retexturiser and a moisturiser at the same time,’ Mr. McCluskey said. ‘We use the la prairie Essential Exfoliator product in this treatment, which uses apricot seeds as the exfoliators.’

After your entire body has been exfoliated and buffed, the minty-feeling seaweed mask is applied to your skin. It’s a warmed mask that interestingly provides a cool feeling upon application. The mask is applied with massage-like techniques to really stimulate the circulation and detoxification process.

To keep the body warm, you are then wrapped in plastic wrap and then covered with a foil-type blanket that serves to hold in your body heat.

This sounds as though it could be a claustrophobic part of the treatment. Being somewhat claustrophobic myself, I was slightly nervous about it also. However, the sensation is more similar to that of being wrapped in a warm, cosy blanket, than it is of being trapped in a confined space.

Also, to ease your comfort, the massage therapist remains in the room with you the whole time, and at any point if you feel uncomfortable they can remove the blanket and wrap.

Once the mask has been set, the wrap is peeled off. Then you are directed to a 12-jet shower in which you can rinse yourself off. ‘It is mandatory that everyone experience this shower at least once,’ joked Mr. McCluskey, although he had a point.

The shower is an extraordinary experience, and guarantees that not one inch of your body is missed.

Once you have dried off and taken your place back on the treatment table, your body is lavished with product after product, to complete the process of hydration and rejuvenation.

The hydrating process is an essential step in this treatment. ‘While in the wrap, you are sweating, and releasing toxins. However, you need to replace that water,’ said Mr. McCluskey. ‘Hydrating is essential with any exfoliation treatment. It helps to retexturise the skin also.’

Your hands and feet are not forgotten in this treatment, and both are treated to a massage as the products are applied.

The final pleasure of this wrap is the facial treatment at the end, in which caviar cream is applied to your face. The smell of this cream is divine, and the effect is one of rejuvenation and firming. Caviar is protein, and its function is to tighten and firm skin.

Relax after the treatment in the Silver Haven lounge with your complimentary champagne and your choice of an array of culinary delights provided by the chefs of the Ritz-Carlton restaurants.

Hot tubs, steam rooms and saunas are also available in the Men’s and Women’s Sanctuaries for relaxation prior to your appointment or after.

To book an appointment at the Silver Rain Spa at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, or for more information on the treatments they offer, phone 815-6900.

A haven of relaxation

The Silver Haven Lounge at the Silver Rain Spa in the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, is a haven of relaxation.

The Lounge is staffed by ‘Angels’ who are present to serve your every need.

Reclining on one of the lounge’s chaise longues, you are presented with a booklet of CDs so that you may choose your own music for the treatment you will have.

No magazines are available in the Silver Haven Lounge, so that the outside world is kept far from your mind. Instead, glossy coffee table books full of pictures and relaxing statements are available for your browsing.

Visit the Silver Haven Lounge before or after your treatment for as long as you desire.

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