Be careful in diagnoses

I can understand L. Morrison’s concerns regarding the prevalence of Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder within Cayman.

As someone within the communication disorders field, I often encounter children and adolescents who have the aforementioned and other learning disabilities.

I would like to encourage parents and educators alike to ensure that they are properly informed about ADD/ADHD.

In my past experiences children are often overdiagnosed and unnecessarily medicated for the disorder.

There are proper assessments that are available to truly determine the presence of specific learning disabilities including ADD/ADHD.

By properly diagnosing the presence of learning disabilities, parents and educators will be better equipped to provide the necessary modifications and supports that students with ADD/ADHD or other learning disabilities may need.

Advocating is the key to ensuring that proper diagnoses and services are provided – parents and educators should always ask questions, review research and get as much information as they can about current issues when dealing with learning disabilities.
I would like to encourage parents and educators to continue to support the education system. It is only through advocation, increased awareness of current information, teamwork (between parents, teachers, administration and the community) and perseverance that Cayman can truly boast of a first tier education system.

Faith Gealey

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