Spirit sale

Spirit Airlines takes hurricane season to new heights with a personalised sale system that ensures everyone gets into the hurricane spirit.

Spirit has prepared many sales for the season, naming them from A to W and also assigning them categories, depending on the sale intensity.

So far, the sales for 2006 include Alonzo, Billy Bob and Gracie Sue down to Santa Maria, Tex and Willy.

‘We’re confident in our forecast for an active travel season through the fall and given that our customers are always looking for a special, we’re ready from A to W with the named sales of the season,’ Mr. Barry Biffle, Chief Marketing Officer for Spirit Airlines, said in a press release.

The intensities of the sales range from a Category One sale, where flights are priced anywhere from $101 to $299 each way, to a Category Five sale, in which flights are priced at $9 and under each way.

In addition, Spirit’s Hurricane Buster Protection Programme has been reinstated for the 2006 season. This programme allows customers the chance to make changes to their reservations without a change fee if there is a hurricane watch in effect for their origin or destination airport from 1 June through to 15 November.

‘We recognise that this is one of the highest travel demand periods,’ said Mr. Biffle. ‘The Hurricane Buster Protection offers customers peace of mind and protection against stormy travel disruptions.’

All fares must be booked online at www.spiritair.com, and Spirit Airlines encourages all residents to keep their passports safe during the season.

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