Bodybugg sales to aid children

World Gym Grand Cayman has pledged to donate $10 to Cayman Loves Children for every Bodybugg sold in 2006.

The Bodybugg is a device worn on the arm that monitors activity to assist users in accurately calculating their calorie burn rate. That data is then downloaded to a personal web page for automated comparisons to calories consumed. The device is made by Apex, a US-based company, and sold locally by World Gym.

‘The Bodybugg makes weight loss easier because it takes away the guess work; it gives control and confidence to the user,’ explained Tertius Broderick, manager of World Gym. ‘Unlike dieting, the Bodybugg helps you learn how to eat and exercise properly so that the weight loss is permanent. We enjoy selling it and helping clients because it works so well. We have had amazing success stories with the Bugg here in Cayman.

‘The whole concept behind the Bodybugg and everything else we do here at World Gym is to help people get healthy so I think giving to Cayman Loves Children is in line with our mission. Cayman Loves Children wants to help the world’s poor children get healthy; so do we.’

According to the Cayman Loves Children website, the group forwards 100 percent of the funds it raises to UNICEF, the world’s leading organization committed to helping impoverished children. A Cayman Loves Children spokesperson thanked Broderick and World Gym for their pledge.

‘We think it’s great that there are Caymanian business and managers who have enough compassion in their hearts to not only help make a better Cayman but also a better world. We encourage other local business to dream up creative ways of tying Cayman Loves Children donations to their products or services.

‘While there are plenty of problems here in Cayman that we all need to work toward improving, we reject the idea that these challenges give us an excuse to ignore the cries of the ten million poor children who die each year beyond our borders. If we truly are a country of good people then we must care about this.’

Cayman Loves Children is at Donations may be mailed to: Cayman Loves Children, Box 30383 SMB, Grand Cayman.

For details about the Bodybugg, log on to or phone World Gym (949-5132).

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