Effort aims to unite and uplift young players

Cable and Wireless (C&W) recently announced the sponsorship of a national football summer camp. The five-day camp, conducted by the Cayman Islands Scholastic Football Academy (CISFA), is scheduled for 24-28 July.

‘We are delighted to sponsor this event with organizers CISFA. Not only for the summer football experience but also for the possibility of our children being awarded educational scholarships and an opportunity to make a livelihood from the sport,’ said Ken Guiste, Vice President Mobile, C&W Northern Area.

Primary organizers for the event will be CISFA co-founders Bernie Bush, Darrel Rankine and Mark Scotland. The camp will be directed by Everton ‘Sarge’ Edwards, Head Coach of Florida International University Women’s Team. He will be bringing with him several coaches to supplement the host of local coaches already involved.

There will also be a guest appearance by Shaun Gore, Chelsea FC Director for football in the community, for three days of the camp. Chelsea FC is the English Premier League champions for the last two seasons.

‘At the moment, football camps are held in almost all of the districts, but we don’t have a single common camp where the children can be coached together on the same ground. The bMobile camp will achieve this,’ says Mr. Rankine.

Summer camps are not a new concept as they have been successful in the past. However, a new feature that will be seen in the bMobile football camp is the formation of an ‘Elite camp.’

‘With the day camp (which is open to the general public between 9am to 12pm), we don’t know the level and standard of players we will get. As such, we decided to try an Elite, by invitation only, camp,’ said Mr Rankine.

The Elite camp will be held during the same week as the regular camp but from 4:30-7:00pm in the evening.

‘This is a great idea, it will allow us to step up the coaching a few levels, it also affords us as foreign coaches the perfect opportunity to talent search and to track players with potential over the next few years,’ remarked Mr. Edwards.

‘This is not just a summer football camp, this is an organization of committed members that is looking and thinking long-term by establishing relationships with coaches, professional teams and universities in the USA and Europe.

‘We are looking at targeting youngsters with great football potential, who otherwise may not get tertiary educational opportunities really caught our attention. Like the bMobile product, we would like to see this grow into the best camp, while offering the best educational opportunities for our children,’ stated Mr. Guiste.

‘We are pleased to have attracted a sponsor like Cable and Wireless. Its deep roots, history and understanding of our community and our passion for the sport of football and the development of young persons in the Cayman Islands bodes well for a long-term relationship,’ said Mr. Bush.

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