Burns Conolly Group responds

Disagrees with port report

The Burns Conolly Group disagreed with another aspect of the Auditor General’s report on the Royal Watler Cruise Terminal when it said Friday that it did not do any design work on the project.

The Caymanian Compass reported last week that the Auditor General’s report stated more than $800,000 was paid in design fees for the Royal Watler Cruise Terminal, including $480,791 through Tampa-based Misener Marine Corporation Inc. for the marine portion of the project after fairly completed marine drawings were already submitted.

The report stated ‘when the project manager (Burns Conolly Group) submitted significantly completed drawings for the marine work, one would have expected (barring significant revisions) a minimal fee for design and engineering services’.

Burns Conolly of Burns Conolly Group refuted the statement, saying it gave an inaccurate impression that his company was involved in the design process.

‘We were engaged as project managers, not designers,’ he said in a letter to the Caymanian Compass. ‘At no time did the Burns Conolly group submit any marine design drawings to the Port Authority as part of our contract.

‘The designs of the project, from our engagement, were all done by the de sign/build contractors and not our company. Our only involvement in design drawings was accepting them on behalf of the Port Authority and relaying them to related parties.’

Mr. Conolly said the designs for the finger pier part of the project were agreed to with Port Authority management beforehand.

‘Changes, including additions and subtractions, were made by them and the result handed over to us with instructions to complete the formalities of the contract,’ Mr. Conolly said.

With regard to the upland portion of the project, which included the Royal Watler buildings, design drawings were completed by Hurlston, Ltd. pursuant to contract conditions, and included planning drawings as well as full engineering drawings, Mr. Conolly said.

‘We accepted those on behalf of the Port Authority and relayed them to related parties, including the Florida Caribbean Cruise Associations,’ he said.

Mr. Conolly said the Auditor General’s statement with regard to the design process was ‘another example of the Auditor General’s report being erroneous or misleading’.

‘The Auditor General’s office clearly either did not understand the process or has misled the public,’ he said.

The Burns Conolly Group has asked for the Auditor General’s report to be withdrawn, and threatened to sue the Government if it is not.

The Auditor General has said that there is no mechanism to allow for the report to be withdrawn, and that even if there were, he would not withdraw it because he felt it was a fair and balanced report.

Mr. Conolly said on Friday that he intends to proceed with legal action.

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