Disaster website updated

As the official emergency website of the Cayman Islands, www.CaymanPrepared.ky, has been updated to provide even more vital information on emergency procedures before, during and after a natural disaster.

A key development, members of the public may now register free of cost on the site to receive email alerts, watch, and warning messages, as well as all press releases issued during the emergency. These will be sent directly to the PCs of subscribers, said a GIS press release.

Also anticipated but not quite ready is programming to enable the site to automatically download satellite maps, ‘which will be a major improvement in keeping our population current on the situation at all times,’ said Chief Information Officer Patricia Ebanks, head of Government Information Services.

Ms Ebanks noted that CaymanPrepared.ky is as informative for residents as it is for persons abroad. In addition, it functions as an information source for international media, in the event of an emergency situation in the Cayman Islands. During hurricane seasons, all public alerts and releases about preparedness are posted on CaymanPrepared.ky. The site can also be accessed by going to www.gov.ky.

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