DJ’s granted late Friday closings

A West Bay Road bar was granted late closing on Fridays following a recent meeting of the Liquor Licensing Board of Grand Cayman.

Ms Jennifer Kaufman of DJ’s Restaurant, Coconut Plaza, was granted 2am closing on Fridays only.

She had applied for 2am closings on Tuesdays and Wednesdays also.

The quarterly meeting took place at Grand Pavilion Commercial Centre Thursday morning, 1 June.

Ms Kaufman said, if her application was granted, it would allow her patrons to stay on for an extra hour and a half, without having to leave to go somewhere else.

Also granted 2am closing on Friday only was Mr. Renard Moxam’s application for the Anchorage Centre. He had applied for permission to open until 3am Monday to Friday.

Representing him, attorney Sherri Bodden-Cowan apologised for Mr. Moxam’s absence, stating he was off-island unavoidably on business.

She stated the reasons for Mr. Moxam’s application, as previously sent to the board in a letter.

One of the reasons is that the Government and private sector have an initiative to try to create a downtown atmosphere after dark in George Town. This would cater for residents, tourists and overnight cruise ships, she said.

There were no written objections to this application, Chairman Mitchell Welds noted.

Mr. Moxam was also granted a change of location of a Retail Liquor License to Chicken! Chicken!, West Shore Plaza, West Bay Road, from the West Wind Building.

She again stated his reasons for this request, as previously stated to the board in a letter. Renovation work for a proposed restaurant at the West Wind Building was delayed. So he has not been able to utilise the license.

The restaurant Chicken! Chicken! has now been operating a substantial period of time and has no liquor license whatsoever.

It is a popular restaurant with an increasing number of clientele, she noted.

At the meeting Mr. Welds said that the board would consider the matter during closed deliberations as a licensee does not have to be present at a meeting for variations to be granted to licenses.

Also granted was an application for a change of licensee of Hotel, Retail and Restaurant Liquor licenses and Music and Dancing Licenses from Mr. Mark Bastis of the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Rum Point Restaurants and beach bars to Mr. Diego Concha.

Also granted was an application from Mssrs Prentice and Stanley Panton of Liquor 4 Less, Mirco Centre, North Sound Road for a change of location of a Package Liquor License to 23 Maclendon Drive, Airport Road, George Town.

An application by Mr. Justin Martin for a change of location of a Package Liquor License for Winza Liquors from 10 Pasadora Place, Smith Road to the Royal Watler Cruise Terminal, George Town, was granted.

Mr. Ernest Parchment’s application was granted for a change of location of a Retail Liquor License and a Music and Dancing License to Puro Lounge, Cayman Falls, West Bay Road, from Jillian’s Billiards & Lounge, Islander Complex, West Bay Road.

Mr. Harry Lalli’s application for a change of licensee of a Retail Liquor License and a Music and Dancing License for The Matrix Nightclub, Islander Complex, West Bay Road to Mr. Cary English was granted.

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