Farmers reap huge rewards

Mother Nature has certainly left the land producing a bounty of oversized fruits, vegetables and starches since the passing of Hurricane Ivan.

Lebert Forbes

Lebert Forbes shows off his gigantic spuds.
Photo: Jewel Levy

A lot of local farmers and even those trying their hand at gardening for the first time have been reporting unusual and extremely large root tubers and fruits farmed in the gardens.

Showing off his two gigantic sweet potato spuds, Breakers resident Lebert Forbes said he never seen them grow so big.

An avid farmer with lots of other plants in his garden, Mr. Forbes said he just loves to putter around the garden.

Weighing in at a whopping 44.2lbs one gigantic watermelon was also picked in the yard of Kent Eldemire on Kentyre Street, West Bay Road.

A while ago, Prospect resident Evort Ebanks also made news with his 10lb sweet potato.

There was also the case of the bunch of bananas shooting out of a chopped- down banana tree behind Edie’s Decor.

The huge starches and fruits have not only been harvested in one district but all over the island and local farmers are so pleased that they are showing off their one-of-a-kind tubers to friends, family and co-workers.

There has also been tales of huge amounts of pumpkins, scotch bonnet peppers, cassavas, yams and watermelons being gathered by farmers around the island.

‘During Hurricane Ivan more than half of the island was covered with salt water. Maybe the washing of the land by the storm surge left a lot of nutrients to produce healthy trees and vines.’

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