Get the right fit

Whether you’re serious about running and sports or you are just on your feet a lot, the fit of your shoe can greatly influence your health.

It is important to identify the type of foot and gait that you have so that you are able to purchase the appropriate shoe.

Buying a shoe that does not fit well can lead to back and knee problems, and if you are an athlete, can make you far more susceptible to injury.

The Athlete’s Foot offers an electronic test so that customers can find out exactly what type of shoe they should be wearing.

‘FitPrint is a computerised programme that tells us your pronation so that we can get the right shoe for your gait,’ said Adrean Russell, manager of The Athlete’s Foot.

‘There are three categories of pronation – under-pronation, over-pronation and neutral.’

If your foot is under-pronated, it rolls out slightly, whereas if your foot is over-pronated, it would roll in slightly. If this is the case, you would need a motion control shoe that would offer strong stability to hold your foot in place.

There are five things to look for when buying shoes, but not all of them can be found in one shoe. Flexibility, for example, can be found in a shoe with breathability, but this shoe will not be very durable. Durability comes with stability, yet this shoe is likely to not be very breathable.

‘It all depends on what fits right for you,’ explained Mr. Russell.

The biggest error people make when wearing sneakers is waiting too long to replace them, added Mr. Russell. ‘If you’re running seriously, you should replace your shoes every six months, or every 300 miles. If you’re wearing them for day-to-day walking, they should be replaced every nine to 12 months, or every 400-500 miles,’ he said.

The newest in shoe technology is the Adidas 1 sneaker, which is fitted with a microchip that enables the shoe to sense how a foot strikes the ground, and then adjust the fit of the shoe accordingly.

When asked about this product, Mr. Russell was not convinced. ‘It’s brand new, there’s nothing to prove it. Magazine reviews have not been placing it above any other shoe on the market,’ he commented. ‘So far, the only people telling us this shoe is a good shoe are Adidas. I don’t see that it is necessarily the future of running.’

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