Reflexology pampers mind, body

Some people have heard of reflexology, others haven’t. However, it is likely that most people don’t know the full story about this treatment.

The Silver Rain Spa at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, offers reflexology as one of its treatments. Although you can have reflexology for your hands, most people tend to request the treatment for their feet, said Massage Therapist Chris Sherman.

There is definitely something highly relaxing about having every inch of your feet massaged. However, what feels like an extremely relaxing foot massage is actually simultaneously healing various parts of your body.

The secret behind this is the reflexology faith that your feet and hands are microcosms of your body.

‘It’s a holistic treatment for your body,’ stated Mr. Sherman. ‘The feet and hands are mirrors of your body. For example, if you put your feet together, you can see that the inside arches form the spine,’ he explained. From that point, you can map out your entire body on your feet.

This holistic treatment has several direct benefits. The lymphatic drainage that is stimulated by the massaging of your lymph nodes aids in detoxifying your body.

‘Underneath your ankle you have lymph areas,’ said Mr. Sherman. This explains why the feet are excellent areas to massage for the encouragement of lymphatic drainage.

Other forms of detoxification also occur with reflexology.

‘Often you have crystalline deposits that have built up at the end of nerves,’ said Mr. Sherman. ‘These deposits impede circulation and energy flow. Reflexology breaks these deposits up.’

Reflexology is one of those dual-benefit treatments that stimulates and increases your energy levels while also inducing a deep state of relaxation.

‘Reflexology balances energy among organs and systems of the body,’ stated Mr. Sherman. ‘This helps to repair the flow of energy.’

However the state of relaxation that Silver Rain’s treatment will place you in is essential for your body’s healing process.

‘The body heals when its parasympathetic nervous system is dominant. This system is most dominant when you’re relaxed or asleep,’ explained Mr. Sherman.

It is believed that reflexology originated in ancient Egypt after notes on reflexology were found in a 4000-year-old doctor’s tomb. Paintings of people rubbing hands and feet were also discovered on Egyptian walls, and are believed to either represent reflexology or a manicure/pedicure.

Reflexology has advanced quite a lot since ancient Egyptian times, however, as an experience at the Silver Rain Spa will prove.

The Spa has three reflexologists on staff, who are all fully-qualified and expertly trained in the practice.

‘Reflexology is actually the first thing I trained in,’ said Mr. Sherman. ‘I love to do the treatment; it’s so holistic.’


Reflexology is one of those dual-benefit treatments that stimulates and increases your energy levels while also inducing a deep state of relaxation.

The Silver Rain Spa in the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, has ample space to serve its clients.

The spa measures 20,000 square feet and has a total of 18 treatment rooms, including a nail tech room, wet rooms for body treatments and facial rooms.

The Silver Haven Lounge, where guests relax before or after their treatments, the world-class Fitness Centre and the Women’s and Men’s Sanctuaries, complete with saunas, steam rooms and hot tubs, complete the Spa.

The Silver Rain Spa is the only Silver Rain Spa that is in the Caribbean, or will ever be. The Spa is exclusive to Grand Cayman in the Caribbean region.

Opposite the Spa is also a retail store where customers can purchase the la prairie products used in treatments, as well as jewellery, clothing items and make-up.

Make sure to visit all parts of the Spa when you next visit – you’ll find all kinds of treats around every door!

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