Visitors want to hear local music

I am a tourist who visits the Cayman Islands approximately two to three times each year.

I recently read your article, Musician object to MOU, dated 29 May. I was deeply troubled to see a lack of support and input being afforded the CMEA. As a tourist, I look forward to listening to local music when I visit your islands. Whether I’m in a dive boat, in our rental jeep or just lounging at the pool, your local music adds to the total experience of being in the Cayman Islands.

I was recently in a bar in the Bahamas where they were playing Frank Sinatra. There’s nothing wrong with Frank, but when I’m in the Bahamas I like to listen to Bahamian music.

In recent years I have noticed how little music of local musicians is played on your local radio stations. So little in fact that I am forced to bring my own CDs of local musicians in order to indulge in the total Cayman experience.

John W. Fisher

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