And the beat goes on

Oh MY MY MY…. we are headed to the Privy Council. Now I’ve heard it all.

As an expat that’s been living in these islands for 37 years all I’ve ever heard is …. Caymanians first, support local culture, give locals the job, train locals, give locals respect, and let locals use the beach…… and so on and so on.

Well you know what – I agree with all the above. I just find it totally weird that here is an opportunity for a Caymanian to support Caymanian’s and he screams ‘unfair’…. ‘Privy Council’!

Mr. Donald Seymour’s comment (Caymanian Compass 6 June, 2006) that the CMEA disrupted the whole MOU process is totally incorrect and simply another excuse. In fact while Mr. Seymour has been dragging his feet another Caymanian who owns several stations requested a meeting with all of us to resolve the issue.

Mr. Seymour’s analogy of Government going into local restaurants and requiring them to serve local dishes with local beef is totally absurd – of course they would never do that.

You’re missing the point Mr. Seymour.

If local qualified chefs, waiters and bartenders were available and local restaurants refused to hire them – yes, I’m sure government would step in. Besides that …. I know a lot of Caymanians who prefer local beef over the imported.

Mr. Seymour say’s that most of the 500 local songs available for airplay have not been recorded recently, so they are not considered classics.

What is that supposed to mean?

Is Mr. Seymour suggesting that local musicians must go to America and get their songs on the top 10, and then he will consider playing their songs in their own country?

On the subject of song requests, we have been waiting for someone to open that can of worms.

I’m sure that Mr. Seymour is correct when he says that his stations do not get requests for local songs.

Makes sense to me; especially when a station refuses to support and play local music, how can the public appreciate local music enough to request it?

Our committee has tested this theory many times – we have had non- members of our committee call certain local stations to request a local song, immediately following that call we had someone else call from a different line and request a foreign song – minuets later we’d hear the foreign song…yet never the local song. What good is a local newspaper without local news, or a local TV station without local broadcasts, or a local radio station without local music?

It seems Mr. Seymour is taking all of this too personally.

The CMEA is NOT asking any station to change its format, staff or taste in beef during a lunch break.

DMS is a private business – and we appreciate that.

All we are asking is if DMS and other local stations can dish out regular heavy rotation of international music then why not give the locals a little piece of the pie?

Having said that; throwing us a bone now and then does not count as fair play. There’s lots of good music out there, it’s just that some folks need to get their head out of the sand and listen.

Since news of the MOU it seems that most stations are jumping on the bandwagon and are willing to sit down with the CMEA, ICTA and the Ministers to resolve this problem.

You are welcome to join us Mr. Seymour, but please take off your boxing gloves, take a Valium, relax. Supporting local is a good thing, be it art, sports or music and I doubt government would ever FORCE you to support your fellow Caymanians.

G. Nowak – Chairman CMEA Broadcasting Committee

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