Where are our principles?

How do I thank God that I grew up in a land where God was honoured and in that kind of environment we were taught the truth before we could read and understand.

Then when we were old enough to read and understand for ourselves and found out beyond any doubt we were being taught based on God’s holy word that confirmed something inside of us that supported what Jesus said, ‘I am the way.’

We became some of the most blessed people on the face of this planet. We moved as if we were from poverty to riches. We believed and were happy with our way of life. We lived to honour God and we were a happy people.

My problem today is it seems all that went down the drain. We are all guilty of selling our birthright for dollars and cents. We have in our country today more problems than we ever dreamed we would have. The path before us is a bit bleak but the door to repentance is still ajar.

My question before us is, ‘Why halt ye between two opinions? If the Lord be God serve him.’ I Kings 18:21.

Are we the same people we were? And are we better than we were? Are there as many happy faces as we used to see? Are we a happy contented people like we were? We have better houses but do we have better homes?

What you are reading is not from a man setting himself up as God. No! I have made many mistakes, faltered many times, but I am not a citizen here on Earth. I am passing through. My goal after having met Jesus is to do all that I can, stand up for all that is right and good and do justly. The road that we are on is a collision course with God. ‘Choose ye this day whom ye will serve.’

Our birthright has been sold out. But I am left with the question, ‘What will we do with Jesus who is called Christ?’

Let us say like Joshua, ‘I will by God’s help never change my way of life and with His held I will go down as a humble man that places trust in God.’

I fell like Jeremiah 9:1 ‘Oh that my head were waters and mine eyes a fountain of tears that I might weep day and night for the slain of the daughters of my people.’

God’s mercy and forgiveness has not ceased but he isn’t God in our land as he was!

To lose favour of others hurts us sadly, but to lose God’s favour ought to make us sit right up and weep.

Weep for our land and our people and because we are no longer who we said we were.

My message is genuine in love and concern.

Gay days coming to George Town (headline in the Caymanian Compass 25 May).

This tells us how far down the rung of the ladder we are.

It is said, ‘It’s hard dollars.’ How sad…

There are a few questions we need to ask our Government: Who do you represent? What about the desires and ambitions of our people?

If Government caves in, should we?

If Government refuses to discriminate against the gays and lesbians, if Government can accept the gay ship because their dollars are needed, where do the people stand?

I will stand upon the principles I have come to know and be prepared to expect no loss.

Rev. John D. Jefferson Sr.

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