Learning cooking tips essential for diabetics

At the Diabetes Association’s monthly meeting last Wednesday evening, cooking healthily was the key message for diabetics.

Community Dietitian at the Cayman Islands Hospital, Bethany Smith, hosted the evening’s meeting. She presented those in attendance with an information sheet on how to make healthy and realistic changes to recipes to make them diabetic-friendly.

‘There are several rules of thumb for cooking,’ said Ms Smith. ‘For example, you need to bake, broil, grill, steam or poach foods, instead of frying them.’

Frying involves large quantities of saturated fats being absorbed by the food. ‘Saturated and trans fats raise your cholesterol levels,’ explained Ms Smith.

Coping with diabetes revolves largely around the diet you consume and the foods you buy. ‘Being diabetic means reading labels,’ said meeting attendee Godfrey McLean.

Mr. McLean had a point, confirmed Ms Smith. It is necessary to read food ingredients and nutrition labels carefully when purchasing foods if diabetic. Sugar can come in many hidden forms, such as high fructose corn syrup, which people may not instantly recognise as being sugar.

Many simple changes can be made also. ‘You can use natural tomatoes instead of ketchup,’ said Mr. McLean, a cooking enthusiast. ‘Or apple sauce instead of oil.’

The problem is keeping up with the new products being released that can help diabetics. ‘There are so many things to come out,’ said Mr. McLean.

‘But it’s knowing about them,’ added another meeting attendee.


The Cayman Islands Diabetes Association holds meetings on the first Wednesday of every month in the Orchid Conference Room at the Cayman Islands Hospital. All are welcome to attend.

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